Niagara Nursery School & Child Care Centre

Under the supervision of RECE certified teachers, all programs provide a co-operative experience that includes:

  • emergent cirriculum
  • math, french, and literacy programs
  • circle time with music and stories
  • fine and gross motor activities 
  • reading programs from our in-house library
  • free play and snack time

  Additional Features

  • indoor and outdoor gross motor play area
  • offsite school trips eg. plays, fire station and farms
  • special theme days eg. black and orange day, pajama day, picnic day, beach day
  • musical instruction
  • role play area
  • parent resource library

Your child will experience a positive introduction to a school enviroment and learn to socialize with both peers and adult supervisors.

Cultural and Language Development

French and foreign language as well as cultural awareness are introduced through play and song.

Art and Music

Music and visual arts plays an integral role in learning and are used daily in the classroom. Art appreciation is explored using song, dance, and experimentation with different materials and mediums.


Your child will be immersed in co-operative play through interactive toys, teacher-lead activities, and free play. They will learn positive social interaction with peers and adults.

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